My Smart Phone is gone!

The Miriam Makeba song had taken control of my mood yesterday afternoon. I didn’t notice the CityHopper bus cut me off along Racecourse road, their usual driving style. I am used with it anyway. In Eastlands, that’s the ‘Fruit Salad’ way, an Ummoinner bus. Suddenly, I got a text, “Where are you?” I yanked up my smart phone… I know. Yeah, I said smart phone. Forget the brand, it was a smart phone! Replied to the text, ” On my way, calling you shortly,” read the text. I pumped up the volume. Read the rest of this entry


Kenya Power Tokens puzzle

Kenya Power Tokens puzzle.

Kenya Power Tokens puzzle

Kenya Power tokens puzzle unravelled

Information is power! Having knowledge over anything is worthwhile than living in the dark. You could be quick to throw tantrums whenever you feel pinched and punched especially into the very belly of your wallet. As the cost of living draws closer and closer to the bottom of your meager wallet, having the right information can help you readjust to the new expenses bracket.

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Low-end townhouses shoot rent prices

Rent prices are expected to keep rising this year amid rising demand for rental houses as opposed to mortgages, reveals Hass Residential Price Index for the final fourth quarter of 2013.Image

Releasing the Hass Property Index for the year ended 2013, Ms. Sakina Hassanali, Head of Marketing at HassConsult says that  for the country’s expanding middle classes, the path of progressing from renting to purchasing is being blocked, now for a third year running, by the nation’s exceptionally high mortgage rates. The report shows that there is a significant upsurge in the rate of rent from the month of October to December different from the second and third quarter reports which showed a fall in rent as we set into the start of last year.   Read the rest of this entry

Discovering Namibia

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Caprivi is one of the 13 regions of Namibia, standing out with 6 ethnic tribes with the Lozi dialect being common among the tribes. It got the name ‘Caprivi Strip’ from a German Chancellor, General George Leo von Caprivi di Caprara di Montecuccoli when Germany settled in this territory. Caprivi prides with a variety of wildlife in their natural habitat within riverine forests that has over 600 species of birds, the Big 5 among others plus 4 other National Parks which are Bwabwata, Mamili, Mudumu and mahango. With an amazing geography, Victoria fall and the Zambezi River makes traveling to Namibia worth your money and time

View of Caprivi's natural terrain. Photo Credit: Ck+ via Compfight cc

View of Caprivi’s natural terrain. Photo Credit: Ck+ via Compfight cc

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Globe Cinema by day – Nairobi

Globe Cinema by day - Nairobi

Day shot of Globe over pass

Globe Cinema by night

Globe Cinema by night

Night shot of globe round about over pass

Viatu Na Bei, Viatu Na Bei: The Nairobi Way

If you cant stop at a hawker’s merchandise, you are not a lady! I know some of you would prefer ‘Mr. Bei’ or some fashion house above Moi avenue but there is something big happening downtown too. Viatu na bei. 

The announcer from the shopping stalls would definitely catch your attention. The Shoes come in all manner of fashion, style and heel size for ladies. Gents are not left behind, they can also get amazing shoes at cheap prices. Lets say revolutionary into the hawkers world.

I believe these guys could still be in the streets selling the shoes as it is with the rest of the ever running Nairobi hawkers. Renting a 7X5 stall in the CBD may cost you about Ksh. 40,000 per month and that is dependent on the location since it may attract hundreds of thousands of the so called good will. 

I decide to take a look around the “viatu na bei’ stalls. They are several right now locate along Tom Mboya and Ronald Ngala streets. The shoes are draped freely attached to dog chains from the roof tops. The price and shoe size clearly marked on the shoe. 

I settled on one shoe, it was one, not a pair. (Mwenzake huletwa baadaye). A small bodied beautiful young lady approaches me and i inquired from her if she is the attendant. “What is her foot size”She asked. I looked at her like i had seen something strange. “Her size?” i answered. i dint know her size. “What do you wear?”i asked her. “Why?”she asked curiously. “Because your feet are her size, i guess”I answered her.

The lady attendant smiled back sheepishly and dropped her head to her waiting shoulder. She pulled a long stick with a small hook at its tip from the shelves and said. “Follow me!” I did.She stretched out her tiny healthy arm with the stick to reach a red shoe from the long dog chains attached to the roof. Her chocolate flat stomach revealed from her her short blouse raised up by  the activity.

I felt a very heavy knock on my head. Damn! it was painful. I pressed the point i was hit on with my thumb and checked, it was bleeding. She apologetically ran for some water and a towel which she used to clean up my head. A shoe that she was struggling to reach for slid off the hook of her stick and landed on my bald head. it was a 9 inch sharp pointed heel shoe that damaged my view, her belly. 

I dint realize the steel doors get closed so fast. The hawkers on the streets were on the run and some hooligans usually take advantage to rob inside their stall, so they decide to run down the roller steel door for safety. There were many lady customers trapped in there, Each customer looked like a suspect thief ready to fish out a revolver or AK47 from her dear loaded handbag. It happened.

I never knew i was a fore-teller. . My instincts did not lie an inch. One fine lady walked up to me and said, “Man, if you want to use your balls in future, kindly get the f** door closed under lock and key, bring the keys!” “I do not work here.”i replied. She hit me on the same spot that 9 inch heel had landed with the butt of her not so genuine looking gun. Everybody lie down” She shouted.

Well, thats how i lost my valentine surprise for ‘her’.The lady  attendant? Well, that is a story for another day.

Active Nostalgia: 2007/8 Post Election

I opened my eyes from the deep slumber on the laps of my grandmother. I was feeling fresh and strong in my long juvenile bones as my grandmother Helen stroked her palms on my hair. She stretched her legs and sat upright to hold me close to her. I closed my eyes once again to feel the love of a fore, a kind of love my parents never lived long enough to show me.

She looked through my eyes with her palms resting gently on my cheeks and said, “Your father Tom was just like you. He had those eyes!” Helen pulled a small kitchen stool next to her and ushered me to sit. She got hold of her walking stick from the ground and struggled to stand up. She was getting weak and old. I sat down and watched her walk briskly to the house.

“Oyier…!”She called me. I raced up into the old round thatched house that she had lived for about 70 years. I guess from the time she was married here. She is 87 now. “Yes mum, what is it? I am here.” I replied standing next to her. She pointed to the dark soot filled ceiling and said, “I kept some bananas up there, i am sure they are ripe.” I smiled and hurriedly pulled a stool to help me get up there.

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The Fridge & Microwaves are keeping our ladies off the Kitchen


sample microwave-pic source-Google

Owning a refrigerator in your home has become a basic necessity than just a luxury and of course accompanying it with a microwave. This is especially evident with many young families, bachelors and bachelorettes. These two electronics are now controversial in shaping up the kind of lifestyle we live now and with our future families. We are eating from the fridge and microwave having bought ready food from the supermarket’s bakery section.  

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