Your Boss also uses matatu

Yaawn! What time is it? Jesus on a bike! Its 6.42 am. I cant believe i slept this much. Anyway, it is a Monday and yesterday COTU wanted me to stay at home for ten days as from today.

My Twitter friends have no posts about the strike, Facebook on the other hand is free from the matatu strike and breakfast shows on radio are only asking me whether there are matatus on our route. Damn! How do they expect me to leave my bed, wade through the chilly morning, just to get to know whether ‘kuna matatu’ kwetu? Na, kama hakuna!

My sweet bed, you know how i dread Mondays and how i hate the phone ringing from an office number. Please don’t let the warmth escape.  There are no PSVs today, i believe so. I can’t hear their hooting from a distance and my neighbour’s car broke over the weekend, he cannot leave for work too.

Oh No! Holly cow, the call. Hello, ye..s yes boss!  Niko stage boss na i can’t find any means of transport. How come the bus stop is that grave silent, hata kama hakuna magari? a-aah, yeah, you see boss…’line disconnected’.  Boss ashafika office, en i am here lolling in bed, i am dead!


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  1. hey Denno, i sooo love ur blog’ its cute n interesting. wow..kudos for the good work

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