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Manual over Automatic Transmitted cars

One thing that I hate is when MS Office thinks that it knows everything and underlines a word that I know and very sure that is spelt correctly, like Matara. And it has the guts to remind me that I should change it to “mature”. You see, that is the problem!

Think of that awkward moment when you have suddenly noticed a slow bump in less than 50 miters ahead of your brand new dark Toyota Wish, yes the car is automatic with of course anti-locking braking mechanism. The most obvious thing any human driver will do it to leave the throttle and jerk on the brake within milliseconds and the car shows no response (in your mind).

Anyway, every driver has his or her own preferences with regard to using automatic or manual controlled cars. If you check through websites that sell cars online, you will find that 90% of the cars available for sale are automatic gear and for anyone to get a specific brand of car that manual transmitted, he or she will have to make the order with the seller and have it availed. This means that many people are preferring automatic transmission over manual every time they import or purchase new or used cars. We are heading to the lazy world on the roads, what do you think?

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The Art of Social Media Slang

Social Media came and conquered every brain of internet users all over the world and so it it did Sheng amongst the ‘youth’ in Kenya. Every time you visit Facebook and most especially Twitter social networking platforms, you will definitely come across internet slang used by different handles you follow or follow you. The problem is, each person tries to invent his own slang to ease communication in the limited space for Twitter posts. I have sampled some of the slang for you. Don’t be surprised that some were actually abusing you! LMBAO!

: L- Laughing

ALOL- Actually Laughing Out Loud

BAGL- Bust A Gut Laughing

CREASING- Laughing

CSL- Can’t stop laughing

FOCL- Falling Off Chair Laughing

FOFL- Falling On Floor Laughing

FOMCL- Falling Off My Chair Laughing

HAFL- Heart Attack From Laughing

IAL- I Ain’t Laughing’, I Actually Laughed

ICSL- I Couldn’t/Can’t Stop Laughing

KML – Killing Myself Laughing

KMSL- Killing Myself Laughing

L2MS- Laughing To Myself

LAL- Laughing A Lot/Little

LALB- Laughing A Little Bit

LATM- Laughing At The Moment

LAU- Laughing At You

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Do you stop to listen?

The greatest tool of communication is listening but i find myself listening too much, is it bad? You see, when i listen, i allow the mouthy head to spit dirt. I know you cant stand that and that is why i hit her in the chest.

My anger din’t rise but it generated out of listening. I stood there for about 20 seconds (that is so short i know) to listen to her words. I found truth in words i have just read on some guy’s T-shirt in town “i can see your lips moving but i can only hear …blah..blah…blah..on the floor…blah..blah..i cant stand..blah…”

Now, see. Another sales person is approaching me with a scratch card in her hands. ” you will get lucky, trust me” she said to me. I saw her very many colleagues around that place, Ronald Ngala to be exact, outside Posta. I ignored her for 20 seconds and during that time, surely she she said many words. In between her words, i could hear her repeating these words ‘ you will get a t-shirt if you don’t want’. I looked at her and smiled, God, she was beautiful.

Her natural hair reaching to her cheeks was blown by wind onto her face, she raised her fingers to pull it off. There, i could see her teeth! I cursed myself for smiling at her. There are many ‘dentists’ in our estate who have posted ads saying “Whiten brown teeth”, i dont know how much they charge or how painful the exercise is but i am sure i will send her there and never want to see her again.

So i stopped to wonder, why do i even need to listen, if what someone will say will make me hit ‘her’ or just don’t want to see them again. Anyway, i hate talking too much. If i listen, probably more about the speaker will be revealed. What i do after that be sure it is for my own good.


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