The Art of Social Media Slang

Social Media came and conquered every brain of internet users all over the world and so it it did Sheng amongst the ‘youth’ in Kenya. Every time you visit Facebook and most especially Twitter social networking platforms, you will definitely come across internet slang used by different handles you follow or follow you. The problem is, each person tries to invent his own slang to ease communication in the limited space for Twitter posts. I have sampled some of the slang for you. Don’t be surprised that some were actually abusing you! LMBAO!

: L- Laughing

ALOL- Actually Laughing Out Loud

BAGL- Bust A Gut Laughing

CREASING- Laughing

CSL- Can’t stop laughing

FOCL- Falling Off Chair Laughing

FOFL- Falling On Floor Laughing

FOMCL- Falling Off My Chair Laughing

HAFL- Heart Attack From Laughing

IAL- I Ain’t Laughing’, I Actually Laughed

ICSL- I Couldn’t/Can’t Stop Laughing

KML – Killing Myself Laughing

KMSL- Killing Myself Laughing

L2MS- Laughing To Myself

LAL- Laughing A Lot/Little

LALB- Laughing A Little Bit

LATM- Laughing At The Moment

LAU- Laughing At You

LBMO- Laughing My Butt Off

LBS- Laughing But Serious

LBVS- Laughing But Very Serious

LHAO- Laughing His/Her Ass Off

LHH- Laughing Hella Hard

LI- Laughing Inside

LIMB- Laughing In My Brain

LIMH- Laughing In My Head

LIMM- Laughing In My Mind

LIRL- Laughing In Real Life

LIS- Laughing In Silence

LLAB- Laughing Like A Bitch

LLAMF- Laughing Like A Mother F***er

LLC- Limited Liability Company, Laughing Like Crazy

LLF- Laughing Like F***

LLH- Laughing Like Hell

LLS- Laughing Like S**t

LMAO- Laughing My Ass Off

LMBAO- Laughing My Black Ass Off

LMBO- Laughing My Butt Off

LMFO- Laughing My Face Off

LMHO- Laughing My Head Off

LMNO- Leave My Name Out, Laughing My Nuts Off

LMSO- Laughing My Socks Off

LMTO- Laughing My Tits Off

LOFL- Laughing Out F***ing Loud

LOI- Laughing On the Inside

LOL- Laughing Out Loud

LOLING- The act of laughing out loud

LOLOL- Lots Of Laughing Out Loud

LOMA- Laughing Out My Ass

LOOL- Laughing Outlandishly Out Loud

LOTI- Laughing On The Inside

LOVL- Laughing Out Very Loud

LQI- Laughing Quietly Inside

LQTM- Laughing Quietly To Myself

LQTMS-Laughing Quietly To Myself

LQTY- Laughing Quietly To Yourself

LRL- Laughing Really Loud

LSFH- Laughing So F***ing Hard

LSH- Laughing So Hard

LSHIC- Laughing So Hard I’m Crying

LSHMBH- Laughing So Hard My Belly Hurts

FMI in my next post…Check back or GFGI! Anyway, GFL!


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