Manual over Automatic Transmitted cars

One thing that I hate is when MS Office thinks that it knows everything and underlines a word that I know and very sure that is spelt correctly, like Matara. And it has the guts to remind me that I should change it to “mature”. You see, that is the problem!

Think of that awkward moment when you have suddenly noticed a slow bump in less than 50 miters ahead of your brand new dark Toyota Wish, yes the car is automatic with of course anti-locking braking mechanism. The most obvious thing any human driver will do it to leave the throttle and jerk on the brake within milliseconds and the car shows no response (in your mind).

Anyway, every driver has his or her own preferences with regard to using automatic or manual controlled cars. If you check through websites that sell cars online, you will find that 90% of the cars available for sale are automatic gear and for anyone to get a specific brand of car that manual transmitted, he or she will have to make the order with the seller and have it availed. This means that many people are preferring automatic transmission over manual every time they import or purchase new or used cars. We are heading to the lazy world on the roads, what do you think?

I want to control the machine especially uphill. The last time I operated a manual Nissan Sunny FB15 just last week along the Narok-Bomet road, I loved it. This is one simple car for the economy class of drivers like me and I proved my peers right that you can save several liters of petrol if you keep your car of gear five with a regular throttle position. The several gentle corners and long meandered hills will make any driver get it rough if the Kisii bound buses are behind him and he will be forced to climb the hill with heavy commercial trucks ahead of him far left on the climbing lane.

It is easy to save on fuel suing manually transmitted cars because the driver knows when and how to shift the gears uphill and still have the “econo” icon on his dash board for hours of driving above 110 highway speed limit. Controlling the throttle slightly away from the wall and reducing the number of times your hand gets to the shift gear will make your driving experience enjoyable.

For those who find it hard driving manuals in heavy traffic jam especially when the road is slightly raising ahead forcing the car to do a reverse before it gets power to move ahead, they may as well get back to driving school and have their skills ‘upgraded’. Controlling the clutch pedal against the acceleration will ensure that their car I always on the forward even on a very steep hill. However for automatic cars, the driver has to utilize his left idle leg on the brake as he releases it to the forward throttle to avoid hitting cars to the back.


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