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No, Stop the Mpesa *234#

Press *234# and call from your Safaricom line to get 5 previous transactions on your Mpesa account. That is not news, I know. My problem is, this newly developed idea lacks logic.

Don’t crucify me yet but do this, ask your friend’s phone and dial *234#, boom! You will get all their Mpesa account statement just within 30seconds. Now go ahead and ask some money from them. See, breach or privacy! The problem doesn’t fall on you; it falls on those who brought up this idea.

Come on Safaricom, your “check my Mpesa account Statement” system is insecure. It is breaching people’s Mpesa records security for sure. The same way you advice your clients to keep their PIN secret and share it with no one, it is the same way their transactions must be kept more secure.

With this new system of checking your Mpesa statement, you will have to sit on your phone all the time so that no one with hidden agenda finds your financial records by just clicking on your phone. This problem came along when my friend called me up; he wanted us to meet urgently because of something he referred to as a serious problem. When we finally met, he looked scowled like someone had been threatened to have his body parts sold.

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Father dads

Celibacy is not making any sense any more to our priests. Face it, they are having sex and a lot of it! We have read and heard many cases of priests and pastors in love triangles and unending accusations of impregnating their fellow nuns and other women from the church.

I once read a story in the dailies about a certain parish van driver who admitted t have had sexual relations with the vestals in one of the catholic churches here in Kenya. According to this man, he worked in the parish for over 20 years receiving sexual favours from the nuns which made him to end up not getting married. I think he made sense, if he was getting ‘holy matrimony’ every night from the ‘virgins’, why could he need a wife anyway?  He further confirmed that he believes he has several children out there with his nose, whom he has never seen. Many of the young practising nuns could get pregnant and leave the convent silently and never come back to bother him, wow!

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Kneeling down in her cramped kitchen, the pharmacist opens her fridge door and removes the freezer compartment drawer crammed with three packages wrapped in black bin liners.

As she carefully opens the brittle bundles, she boasts of her ability to use the contents to make a pill that can cure all known ills.

‘After taking two tablets a day you will feel the difference after just one week,’ she says.

Even though the parcels are frozen, they exude an unpleasant smell that quickly permeates her nondescript apartment in a small Northern Chinese town.

But pushing the plastic freezer box across the floor to her new-found customer, the woman, who works at a Chinese hospital, appears almost proud as she says: ‘Choose one. Please, choose one.’

Each of the bags contains a single aborted foetus; one of them is said to be of seven months’ gestation. The infants’ remains will be…

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Pay Interns

You must wake up! You have been in intern for more than three months? Get alive. Labour laws clearly state that the company that takes you in as an intern is required by law to absorb you as their full time employee, paid in their scale and entitle to leave days among other benefits. If they cannot do that, then your internship should end at the end of your third month there.

It is true and evident that some interns ‘decide’ to stay longer in the hope of ‘acting good’ in order to secure themselves a job. Yes, that is ok but if the company really needs you that much, then they must take you in. Many employers know very well that majority of these interns are straight from college, they do not have money even for their transport to work but still misuse them to the fullest. Take for example our very own KBC, you pay to be an intern! that’s bad. Having paid a substantial amount for the internship, no one cares about you anymore while you are in there. If you don’t follow up for duties, you will finish your internship at KBC without knowing anything.

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KISS TV & QTV could have done better

When KISS TV came onto our screens we all expected the feel of KISS 100 which had taken over the airwaves of Nairobi and the entire country. You could practically wake up with Kiss100 from when Nyambane played the best mix of music to wake you up and rekindle life to the then ‘only entertaining ‘ radio station after KBC ‘s Countdown with Charity Karimi and John Karani.

Fast forward, Kiss TV is here.  Looking through many blogs like the Social Experiment’s and commentaries, you will realize how viewers expected so much out of these two media houses. Kiss TV struggled to maintain two channels, Classic Tv and Kiss Tv but it was all in vain. Classic TV, a metamorphosis of Metro TV to Channel 2 could not find anything good to air on their signal, i guess that’s why they had to air identical boring programs with Kiss.

RIP Classic TV, NMG got pregnant with another amazing embryo QTV. Personally, i heard of this idea many years ago and was looking forward to receive on my screen a TV with a difference. A Kiswahili TV station? Well, nilitazamia uhondo wa hali ya juu. They all brought to us “the obvious trend”. In fact, house wives and House Managers prefer playing “Kiatu Kivue -Rose Muhando” loud during the day when everybody is away instead of spending time to watch either of the two.

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