KISS TV & QTV could have done better

When KISS TV came onto our screens we all expected the feel of KISS 100 which had taken over the airwaves of Nairobi and the entire country. You could practically wake up with Kiss100 from when Nyambane played the best mix of music to wake you up and rekindle life to the then ‘only entertaining ‘ radio station after KBC ‘s Countdown with Charity Karimi and John Karani.

Fast forward, Kiss TV is here.  Looking through many blogs like the Social Experiment’s and commentaries, you will realize how viewers expected so much out of these two media houses. Kiss TV struggled to maintain two channels, Classic Tv and Kiss Tv but it was all in vain. Classic TV, a metamorphosis of Metro TV to Channel 2 could not find anything good to air on their signal, i guess that’s why they had to air identical boring programs with Kiss.

RIP Classic TV, NMG got pregnant with another amazing embryo QTV. Personally, i heard of this idea many years ago and was looking forward to receive on my screen a TV with a difference. A Kiswahili TV station? Well, nilitazamia uhondo wa hali ya juu. They all brought to us “the obvious trend”. In fact, house wives and House Managers prefer playing “Kiatu Kivue -Rose Muhando” loud during the day when everybody is away instead of spending time to watch either of the two.

I wonder what a serious Media house like NMG had in mind when they launched QTV because i want to believe whatever they are airing is not what they really wanted. Someone needs to be fired! Sure, When we talk of quality, neither Kiss nor QTV understands it. The TV program managers are either too busy watching Mexican movies on their laptops and have forgotten the trash on their program line up or they are busy downloading the next Oga or Bruce Lee to play in the next airtime.

Kiss TV felt left out in the world of news and decided to bring yet another obvious trend of news to our Tv screens. The only different thing is that their news are aired during odd hours, i mean, when we have already watched everything through other boring news times on other politically driven media house. Kiss, if you wanted to be different, then air something different on your News Night.

Now see, the kind of program playing on QTV! Oh dear. I hope Aljazeera Kiswahili will awaken media houses in Kenya. We are heading elections and the political temperatures are rising. QTV and Kiss must be on the forefront in fighting ethnic temperatures that are threatening our country. All older and veteran media houses are already taken by leading politicians to spearhead their own interests in the coming general elections, that is why we need a media house that can shame them all.

Playing local programs is promoting local film production but that does not mean you compromise quality. Honestly, do you really review these films before airing them? From camera work, staging, actors, lighting them. Nigerian films are not the only sort programs in Kenya, neither are Philippine or Mexican programs what we are looking for. Get out there, grow the industry by investing in local film industry, not by airing poor productions that degrade your renowned standards.


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  1. they hv sme seriously poor managers, i mean, i din kno nyambane is working as their manger

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