Father dads

Celibacy is not making any sense any more to our priests. Face it, they are having sex and a lot of it! We have read and heard many cases of priests and pastors in love triangles and unending accusations of impregnating their fellow nuns and other women from the church.

I once read a story in the dailies about a certain parish van driver who admitted t have had sexual relations with the vestals in one of the catholic churches here in Kenya. According to this man, he worked in the parish for over 20 years receiving sexual favours from the nuns which made him to end up not getting married. I think he made sense, if he was getting ‘holy matrimony’ every night from the ‘virgins’, why could he need a wife anyway?  He further confirmed that he believes he has several children out there with his nose, whom he has never seen. Many of the young practising nuns could get pregnant and leave the convent silently and never come back to bother him, wow!

Put that story of the driver aside, lets go to Maralal. A catholic priest is alleged to have impregnated a primary school child. The girl has given birth to a bouncing baby boy. If you were keen enough, ee-em, lets not judge. That is not all, there are several other girls in the area claiming to have children from priests in that area. The case in Maralal is just but one in hundreds of other cases that go unreported across the country.  If you listen to what many young girls say, especially those church goers, you will be surprised what they know about these fathers.

A 17 year old confided in me how a famous priest from their local church keeps bugging her phone with erotic messages in the wee hours of the night. She claims that the priest is very common in their shaqs for being the best preacher. He however has this undying Zuma desires for young girls in their youth group. She confirms further that her friends have unfortunately fallen into his traps.

Not only are young girls falling prey to the priest and pastors but also married women with grown children. The pastors apparently promise to catch a grenade for them, something their husbands wont. They will prey, sorry i mean pray on them by laying hands, may be body to prey for them, sorry again. We cannot bury our heads in the sand and  and deny the fact that this things are happening. The men of the cloak are getting nasty with our women, and the ladies are liking it, i think.

When a pastor or priest is confirmed to have impregnated someone, the only thing the church can do is excommunicate him from the church. I don’t think this is enough. If their traos cannot be zipped up, they will still prey on any other innocent lady out there. However, so far nothing has been done by the Christian church over these mashrooming priest and pastors whose libido is unchecked. these girls are not accusing your fathers for no reason, praying for him will not help him out, bishops.

I think you decide, quit celibacy and get married or start a porn school. Priesthood, hamuwezi. For pastors, well. your wives may be ok with the idea that you prey on other women because they do not want to spoil the church business but you too, open ‘women of Zion’ where you chair, not your wife. Forget about the church business thing.


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