Fishing Naked Catches the Biggest Fish!

Which generation are you?  Do you belong to the ‘dot com’ or the Y generation? Well, never mind. I saw this picture circulating on the social media platforms and hit my nostalgia hard. Then I came to know where I belong.

If my eulogy was to be read, this is how I would want it to flow. “The man in the coffin was called ****, you know him right?” (if at all you will contribute to purchase a dissent one)   Now, let’s get straight to my point. I love the way innovation has changed the way we think and the way we view things. At one point in your younger age…pause for nostalgia…, you lived only knowing hide and seek as the best game you use to hide na kina Fulani in the nearby tea or maize plantations. You take advantage of the game to lie on top of a girl (with cloths on). The other game could be bano or jumping the robe for girls among other silly games.

I remember during the holidays waking up as early as 6am, gather our livestock only to disappear till dusk in the name of grazing our cattle. All the animals could be gathered at kina Jared’s uncultivated big tract of land tie them there and off we go to far streams to swim and fishing naked. That stream was a favorite to tens of boys from neighboring villages who could flock there to swim and compare our dudu. Boys with smaller ‘dudu’ were supposed to swim downstream while those huge ones were left upstream which usually had more water and was clean.

We could take off our clothes and leave them somewhere in the middle of maize and sugarcane plantations nearby and some nasty girls used to come and steal them away and wait for us as we go home naked to laugh at our ‘dudus. Anyway, we never minded them because we knew kina Jared had put their dudus in theirs. We mocked them instead. Jared was older than us and he liked messing up those girls’ pride.

The most interesting moments were when we used to fish naked by choice. This was a must for any boy who wanted to catch the biggest mudfish. Yes, we believed that if the shadow of our dudu was cast on the water, you can easily catch the biggest fish…I don’t know but I think it used to work.

You see, that was then. There came toy cars…Ready made. Ours was made of senyenge ni ngombe. We could destroy barbed and net wired fences just to get those wires to twin up the latest model of car we saw when Moi passed near our school. It was very creative because you must model it up through memory. We could race up our “Need For Speed” and “Mid Night Club” games right on the dusty roads, make sure you raise as much attention as possible with a unique model.

I miss those kids of that generation…..

Now, we have the Y generation, the laziest generation ever! Look, if it is a game, there are computer games, PS2, XBOX etc. If they had to play, that could only happen in the house because playing outside they maybe kidnapped. There is no space for playing either. The schools are on top of buildings; their residence is fenced with a perimeter wall plus electric fence topping up. Those in the villages are not spared either… the buy toy cars instead of making them, there is no river flowing to swim, if there is, ni kwa Fulani  and he would not want his shamba trespassed arrgh!

Where do you belong? Download that nostalgia and tell the world how your childhood went in your time.


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