My Smart Phone is gone!

The Miriam Makeba song had taken control of my mood yesterday afternoon. I didn’t notice the CityHopper bus cut me off along Racecourse road, their usual driving style. I am used with it anyway. In Eastlands, that’s the ‘Fruit Salad’ way, an Ummoinner bus. Suddenly, I got a text, “Where are you?” I yanked up my smart phone… I know. Yeah, I said smart phone. Forget the brand, it was a smart phone! Replied to the text, ” On my way, calling you shortly,” read the text. I pumped up the volume.

The traffic along that stretch of road is usually hectic. In traffic, music does it for me. Windows up and the AC doing it’s thing. Suddenly, I heard a loud but gentle clicking sound. Oops! My side mirror is gone! No! Wait, Thank you Lord! Its had just been hit flip forward. The guy who did that didn’t bother to say sorry, I didn’t expect that of course, he run off. I pressed the mirror auto retractor to fold it back and slowly the poor mirror struggled to get back to position. The impatient me decided to lend the mirror a hand and balance it into position manually. So,  I rolled down my window halfway and leaned forward to reach out to the mirror. Then, this two wheeled wheelbarrow like metallic cart hits the car from the left rear. This nice guy pushing that structure bend over onto the rear left door heavily tinted window and peeps through in with his palms in ‘amen’ position begging for forgiveness. I didn’t notice him at once so he used a coin or something to knock at the window gently but firm. I turned and smiled at him. Aaaaw! Its OK boy. This as I turned left in between my firm safety belt and looked through  the empty back seats to attend to this nice guy. Well, that was stupid, really myopic. What is myopic anyway? A boss somewhere used it on me once when I messed up things, big things!

I felt a very heavy thud on my chest. It felt like those two heavy stones attached to a metal rod in the middle. People lift it up and down in the hope of getting fit or losing weight. I am skinny, so i don’t really need them. Some guy was physically halfway through the window. In seconds, or let’s say nano seconds, My smart phone was gone. It was gone with my project, my final project. Minutes before I could print it. After a whole night work on it, saved it in the SD card. It felt safe there. I was wrong. Well, that I can recover, thanks to technology. But I won’t recover the pain on my chest and of course the humiliating ordeal. I felt stripped naked. You may say it was just a phone, but being a smart phone, it meant a lot. The trick I gaining momentum in the streets of Nairobi and that is how you will lose your car, phone or laptop among other valuables. Stay safe folks.


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  1. Things that Nairobians need to know…Was a victim once

  2. I haven’t healed yet. I hate it!

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