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Discovering Namibia

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Caprivi is one of the 13 regions of Namibia, standing out with 6 ethnic tribes with the Lozi dialect being common among the tribes. It got the name ‘Caprivi Strip’ from a German Chancellor, General George Leo von Caprivi di Caprara di Montecuccoli when Germany settled in this territory. Caprivi prides with a variety of wildlife in their natural habitat within riverine forests that has over 600 species of birds, the Big 5 among others plus 4 other National Parks which are Bwabwata, Mamili, Mudumu and mahango. With an amazing geography, Victoria fall and the Zambezi River makes traveling to Namibia worth your money and time

View of Caprivi's natural terrain. Photo Credit: Ck+ via Compfight cc

View of Caprivi’s natural terrain. Photo Credit: Ck+ via Compfight cc

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